1. new business cards!

  2. Casting, sneak peek

  3. thread lyfe


  4. The cat’s out of the bag!

    I’ve been selected for the final five of the Emerging Menswear Designer Awards, to be shown and judged at TOMFW* (Toronto Men’s Fashion Week)

    More information to come!

  5. prints I developed for #SS15 collection, using works by Group of Seven artists, Lawren Harris & Franklin H. Johnston as inspiration. Having them test-printed at the moment; wish me luck!

    More info to come… 

  6. Had my head shots taken with thenakedsundayproject's Mckenzie James yesterday, and couldn’t be happier with the results! :) 

  7. Frank H Johnston, Patterned Hillside

  8. ANDREW COIMBRA #SS15 Mood board

  9. A little throwback to my end-of-year womenswear piece, photographed by the talented Mckenzie James

  10. Spring 2015 inspiration